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The soul system in EOS is employed to offer players with substantial buffs with fairly small effort. Whenever a participant kills a monster, they get just one chaos soul. These chaos souls are collected immediately, and so they are placed within the player’s Soul Satchel.

In the Soul Satchel, the black orb reveals the quantity of chaos souls which the player at the moment possesses plus the max volume they can keep. Previously mentioned that, you may begin to see the 4 styles of purified souls: Hope, Innocence, Courage, and Peace. Players can renovate their chaos souls into 1 of such 4 purified souls through two solutions:

Technique 1 - Solo Purification

In no way, at any time, ever use this process. Critically. It is fifty percent as economical because the second method out there to gamers. However, need to you not care, you are welcome to solo purify your chaos souls. To perform this, if you are close to a Soul Sanctum (you'll be able to commonly discover a single wherever waypoints are located), click on about the soul purification button to the base of the Soul Satchel. For each two chaos souls you may have, this could provide you a single random purified soul.

Method Two - Co-op Purification

This is the only real method you must at any time use. Rather than applying two chaos souls to acquire 1 purified soul, while you do with solo purification, you can instead receive a purified soul for each and every chaos soul that you choose to have.

To try and do this, you will require to locate yet another player. You don’t need to have to get at a Soul Sanctum as you do for solo purification, and this can be done any place while in the planet. After you have discovered a different participant, pick out them, then right-click their name bar that seems with the prime within your monitor.

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The bottom selection in that menu is co-op purification. Click on that. Once you do, you can see a timer ticking on your own monitor watching for one other participant to simply accept. Once they’ve accepted your ask for for co-op purifcation, you are going to begin to see the subsequent display.

Should the suitable side with the display screen is orange, meaning that the associate Is watching for you to definitely hit the purify button. Nevertheless, whether it is not orange, meaning your lover will require to hit the purify button before you can carry on. (You can even strike the purify button before the other participant, which might turn your aspect orange.)

Following that, you’ll see the final results display screen! Your souls are now purified, and you have double the quantity you would have experienced you utilised solo purification! (Observe: It is going to only purify as a lot of souls when you as well as other participant have. So, as an illustration, when you have a hundred and twenty even so the other player has 50, it's going to only purify 50. You are going to need to have to go come across another player to co-op purify with.)