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Hello anyone here currently I’m going to share for you what I’ve learnt in CBT about Guardian both storm

and earth so you really don't make exactly the same blunder as I do in OBT

First off yes I have reached lvl 60 and also have attempted infinite dungeon solo 6 times in total to date

Overview of Guardian Class

Guardian MP bar is called Vitality on this server which can be acquired with the utilization of fundamental attacks and

vitality gaining competencies that is capped at one hundred or should you have the passive for guardian storm it’s 120

Vitality will slowly decay over time if no spells is made use of

First I’d want to go over the Strengths and Weaknesses of Guardian class!

Storm Pros

Actually robust in PvP early amounts 42-59. It shines most at degree 48! You'll be able to essentially a hundred -> 0

Squishies with one combo at level 48

Genuinely powerful in killing mobs and finishing quests early ranges immediately after receiving lvl 18

Shines most at killing mobs in dungeons if there exists a Primary tank! It is possible to modify to earth when you

reach the bosses

Definitely strong in 1v1 Duels! I’ve won the majority of my duels except for duels with Guardian Earth and Warrior


Storm Cons

Kind of falls off at lvl 60 compared to Earthguard (for CBT not less than trigger there is no battlefield lvl 60

since not enough folks queue up for it)

Not as necessary as Guardian Earth (Sadly that’s so true)

Your in essence essentially the most squishy close array target with out EVA in battlefield

Squishy ranking -> Archer (both varieties) -> Mage (Fire) -> Mage (Ice)/Rouges -> Guardian Storm -> Warrior

Rage-> Guardian Earth/Protector Warrior

Earth Pros

Really nice farming mobs you have a shield which has a 28 second interesting down as soon as you will get the mastery!

Can heal self and allies every single two minute with seed of daily life (This is certainly position of off tank right here because it

heals as percent max life)

Not potion hefty as Guardian storm in solo infinite dungeons (lvl 60)

Actually irritating in battlefield being stage guard!

Very good in 1v1 duels if use spells accurately (you have got heal as well as a shield as well as a 2nd shield when hp

under 30% if time properly may be made use of twice in a battle!